Byredo Is Making IKEA-Themed Perfume


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The Swedish retailer has tapped luxury perfume brand Byredo’s Ben Gorham to “explore new ways of adding scents in your home.”

The collection wants to take a “democratic approach to smell” and will feature a range of candles and perfumes.


Byredo’s regular scent range doesn’t come cheap — with candles costing $80 and perfume $150, so let’s hope IKEA helps lower those prices considerably.

Curious to smell! Yours, Fran

A direct line to consumer tastes – Givaudan is teaching fashion students


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The Shanghai-based Center of Fashion and Design is one of Asia’s most vibrant outposts for cutting-edge ideas in couture, clothes and concepts. It is here that passionate fashionistas study every aspect of fashion design, branding and marketing. This includes fragrance, an essential brand extension for every designer.

Givaudan has been invited to train students in fragrance appreciation and understanding as part of the school’s Luxury Marketing curriculum. As a fragrance leader in China, Givaudan is recognised by customers and industry alike as a trusted and expert partner in the art of perfume. Here is a link to the course.

Great vision indeed! I wish you a lovely week! Yours, Fran

My visit to the museum of Perfumery in Paris


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Finally – I made it to the Museum of Perfumery! Paris is always worth a trip, but this time it was a perfume weekend! After a trip to the Osmotheque in Versailles, I went to the museum. Such a cool experience – a MUST for perfume-lovers!

Here are some impressions:

A vivid demonstration of how fragrance enters our brain.

How does the scent of a croissant actually get in a perfume? Headspace Analysis is the answer!

How was fragrance used back in the days? Personal stories tell the background.

Citronellol and many other raw materials were exhibited.
Great installation with raw materials and audio explanations!

Me whilst sniffing!
A wonderful scent-organ with classical music and light effects!

…and once more because it was so beautiful!

Childhood memories could be awakened with these fragrance flowers!

Does the Flacon not remind of “Le Classique” by Jean-Paul Gaultier?

I hope you got a little insight! Yours, Fran

Personalization – Guerlain’s Parfumeur Boutique


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Personalization is the big trend and Guerlain wants to take part as well! Their ‘parfumeur boutique’ already exists in Paris on rue Saint Honoré, but is now to open in more countries.

The new “Guerlain Parfumeur depuis 1828” boutique in Brussels. Photo: Guerlain

Tailor-made products: How does it work?

The new area offers 110 Guerlain fragrances and a full immersion into the heart of the brand’s creativity. Basically the accords are classified into four main olfactory families, allowing customers to take advantage of a digital fragrance consultation to identify their personal olfactory profile and, thanks to a powerful algorithm, find their very own “signature fragrance”.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Guerlain Parfumeur personalization

After choosing their fragrance, customers are invited to the personalization atelier, where they can finalize their purchase by selecting every detail to make the fragrance their own – bottle shape and colour, engraved message in any language, plus a choice of ribbons and bows to embellish the bottles. Plus the bottles can be refilled.

Guerlain’s main goal is to offer a unique experience revolving around completely tailor-made products & services.

I’ve lately been to the Paris shop and indeed, its a pretty concept! Yours, Fran

H&M debuts organic perfume oils


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For the first time ever, H&M’s Conscious Exclusive collection includes a set of three organic unisex perfume oils that can be worn individually, or mixed together to create a unique scent.

Bildergebnis für H&M organic perfume

The oils are a part of the 2017 Conscious Exclusive collection which also includes pieces made from more sustainable materials for women, men and kids.

Bildergebnis für H&M organic perfume
The organic perfume oils are created around three different scent groups – floral, fresh and woodsy, and are Ecocert approved.

Nice innitiative, but be aware that ecolabel does not mean that the perfumes are all natural… its the opposite in reality! Yours, Fran

Liquidless Scent Diffusers – Mix & Match


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A first-of-its kind innovation, the Liquidless Diffuser from NEST delivers a unique way to transform any room. The innovation begins with the ScentStick – each one has been infused with pure fragrance oil to impactfully release scent.

Bildergebnis für nest liquidless diffusers

The custom-designed, open silver vessel holds up to 5 ScentSticks so you can adjust the level of fragrance to your preference. Available in Bamboo, Moroccan Amber, and Grapefruit. But you can also mix & match depending on your mood!

Bildergebnis für nest liquidless diffusers
How about 2 sticks of Bamboo paired with 2 sticks of Grapefruit and 1 Moroccan Amber?

Bildergebnis für nest liquidless diffusers

The customized trend is unstoppable! Great idea guys! Yours, Fran

No1 Rosemary Water… the new youth drink


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The beginning of the Rosemary Water idea came for the following fact:

In the peaceful coastal hamlet of Acciaroli, Italy, villagers enjoy the good life – and they enjoy it for a while longer than the rest of us. More than one in ten residents make it up to (and well past) their hundredth birthdays, and without many of the problems that plague aging populations elsewhere around the globe.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor rosemary water

Knowing this, the company investigated what ingredients the inhabitants use, and surpise… the villagers ate rosemary, and a lot of it.

Nice packaging combined with a great story –> successful start!

Yours, Fran

The smell-taste experiment


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Rhett & Link from the daily morning talk show named Good Mythical Morning are tasting food with their noses. The hypothesis is that actually 50% of our tasting is smelling… Watch this video to get more insights:

Funny experiment to watch – the guys are just entertaining! Yours, Fran

May Kukula’s Aroma set produces homemade room fragrances


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German design student May Kukula has created a Moroccan-inspired pot and a set of tools that enable users to “cook” their own bespoke scents.

To create smells, a mixture of ingredients is boiled in a porcelain bowl; simmered over a candle flame, the smell evaporates through a hole in the lid and emits a scent for fragrancing a room.

This is how it works:

Beautiful design and great natural approach! Loving it! Yours, Fran

A Billionaire scent: Elon Musk’s Musk


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Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk has launched his own men’s fragrance, named Musk, according to a report published by Real Business.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Elon Musk

Musk has teamed up with US fragrance firm Scent O’Mental to develop the new scent, which is said to contain notes of clove, cinnamon and an innovative new smell known as ‘space’.

“I feel like now is the right time for the world to see a different side to tech innovators. Musk is a sophisticated new scent that embodies the attitude of pioneers – the ones willing to push boundaries and question conventions,” said Musk in a statement.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Elon Musk

He is the (co-)founder of SpaceXTesla Inc.SolarCityOpenAIZip2 and PayPal. As of March 2017, he has an estimated net worth of $13.9 billion, making him the 80th wealthiest person in the world.

Interesting character, and with this last-name you almost have to launch a perfume…! Yours, Fran