Different formats! Think creatively


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This is a new cleansing product concept from LANEIGE, enriched with green tea and peppermint. Easy to use, its new format is especially convincing: a mild herbal cleansing tea bag containing real tea and cleansing powder in a tea bag.

You don’t need any cleansing oil, foam or foam nets. You can now cleanse your face with a simple tea bag.

Containing enzyme powder, it exfoliates excess keratin from skin surface. Here is how to use it:

Basically, we could do our own cleansing products at home as well! Let’s be a bit creative 😉

Yours, Fran


A trash-to-table mindset – 1 ingredient cocktails


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The London based restaurant Duck & Waffle launches one-ingredient cocktails, where they explore the level of flavour achievable from one ingredient.

The menu features 10 cocktails named after the ingredients they are based on, such as Olive, Tomato, Avocado and Red Pepper. Each part of the ingredient is used – from tomato skins and red pepper stalks to spent coffee grounds and walnut shells – to showcase its versatility and minimise waste.

‘We have amazing ingredients to work with, why bastardise them with other flavours? I want them to shine in all their glory,’ Rich Woods, head of cocktail development at Duck & Waffle. ‘I wanted to illustrate how much flavour can be extracted from a single ingredient and show the levels of complexity that can be obtained from multiple elements of a single source.’

Basically, what we see in the markets is that mixologists are increasingly adopting a Trash-to-table mindset, repurposing ingredients that are typically discarded to create innovative new serves.

Yours, Fran

A step away from shampoo and conditioner


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Recently, a hair expert has claimed that shampooing is, in fact, the worst thing we can do for our hair. Eli Halliwell, CEO of Hairstory, has warned that we could be damaging our hair without realising it. He is now on a mission to make us ditch our shampoo.

He says: “When you’ve grown up always doing something you don’t question it. The reality is that shampoo is a product that was made to be too strong for its use.

When people first invented shampoo, they decided the cleaner we can be, the better. And that made perfect sense for your hands, for your dishes, hospital floors, for carpets, but it doesn’t make sense for your skin or your hair.”

Ähnliches Foto

Eli added: “When you use shampoo what happens on your hair and scalp is you end up stripping away you body’s natural protective barrier. Your body responds by fixing itself and reproducing those oils in that barrier, and you end up in a vicious cycle, where you over clean and you over-produce oil. And you immediately think, I’m getting that grease again, I need some more shampoo’.”

The chemicals are so similar to what we use to clean clothes, he says, you could effectively pour shampoo in your washing machine and washing powder on your hair – although he doesn’t advise it.

Hairstory, which is being officially launched in the UK, has come up with New Wash, which aims to restore hair’s natural balance. New Wash is basically an oil-based cleanser for your hair and scalp.

Bildergebnis für New Wash hairstory

Eli explains: “The way New Wash cleans, it grabs on to oil and dirt and things just as strongly. The magic is the side that grabs onto the water just doesn’t grab on as well. So when you rinse, the bond with the water is only strong enough to pull away from your scalp things that are loosely attached, so it’s not strong enough to pull away your body’s natural protective barrier.”

Conclusion: if you wash your hair all the time and it’s still greasy – this could be why.

Find the full video here.

Well, have a nice un-washed week 😉

Yours, Fran

Love, Beauty & Planet


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Brands are reducing the water content of their products, driven both by sustainability concerns and by consumer demand for more concentrated, effective products.

Love Beauty and Planet started with one goal…

Bildergebnis für Love, Beauty & Planet

“To make you more beautiful and give a little love to our planet. We want to help make a little difference towards a happier, less wasteful planet, with every shower. Our approach is a holistic one, encompassing the entire product life cycle and beyond. We’ve given careful thought to our ingredients, product packaging, and social partnerships. We call it our passionate journey of #smallactsoflove, and we’re just getting started.”

Bildergebnis für Love, Beauty & Planet

Unilever has launched a water-smart initiative which aims to develop products across its brands that reduces its water footprint. The brand’s new Love Beauty and Planet collection, launched in 2018 in the United States, incorporates “fast-rinse technology” in hair conditioners so less water will be used.

Bildergebnis für Love, Beauty & Planet

Also L’Oréal has committed to reduce 60% of water consumption per finished product by 2020, compared to the amounts it used in 2005, and is already making efforts to reduce water consumption in its plants.

Our future will be brighter! Yours, Fran

The Smell Memory Kit by Sissel Tolaas


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This is not new, but I always wanted to report about it… now I finally find time for it!

The smell scientist Sissel Tolaas has spent seven years collecting 7,000 scents. Now, her work is helping people make memories with the smell memory kit.

How does it work?

From the smell of your mother’s cooking to the perfume worn by your high school sweetheart, smells can instantly transport us to a time and a place. That is the concept behind the smell memory kit, which links important life moments with a scent.

Abstract smells are smells that have NOT YET been connected with any memories so far. The kit enables you to carry these abstract smells with you, perfectly protected in the metal Smell Memory Amulet. Whenever you want to eternally record and memorize a moment, you just break open the Ampule, release the abstract smell molecules and take a deep breath.

This kit has been developped by Supersense, a concept store in Vienna, in collaboration with Sissel Tolaas.

I find the idea behind great! What do you think? Yours, Fran

Re-inventing fine fragrances – water based perfumes


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When someone thinks of perfume the first thing that comes in mind is alcohol. The second thing might be oil, but no one ever thinks of water. In an attempt of total fragrance re-invention, three brands create organic water-based perfumes to prove that simplicity can be miraculous.

Bildergebnis für CB I Hate Perfume “SCENT IS LIFE”

“SCENT IS LIFE”. For Christopher Brosius, the creator of CB I Hate Perfume, the point of a perfume is its scent. As he argues “Your sense of smell is one of the most important factors that defines you as YOU. Perfume is meant to be enjoyed.”

Bildergebnis für CB I Hate Perfume

In his effort to create a fragrance that creates feelings and memories, Brosius used the challenging base of water and managed to mix it with oil even if it isn’t rather easy.

Other examples of water based perfumes are Eau Triple by Buly 1803, and Pure Rose and Pure Neroli by Behnaz.

Bildergebnis für Pure Rose and Pure Neroli by Behnaz

Could the use of water instead of alcohol catch-on as consumers look for more ‘natural’ and ‘less harsh’ options?

Yours, Fran

Hello after the summer break ;-)


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Sorry guys, I was on holiday and moved in the meantime as well… lots of new things happening at the moment!

I found this Missha brand promoting their ‘meditanical’ toner. Quite interesting way of presenting and also the word play of medicinal and botanical!

Well, a nice eye-catching packaging can make the difference!

Enjoy your summer holidays 😉

Yours, Fran

Blow by Byredo: a new way of perfuming your skin


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A new fragrance delivery machanism from Byredo just hit the social media channels: Blow by Byredo. You blow the perfumed air on your skin instead of spraying it.

This device also allows customization: there are 5 fragrance capsules inside, which are blended according to your taste to create you own signature.

Blow seems to be inspired by electronic home fragrance diffusers.

And? Are you blown away by this innovation? Yours, Fran

The worlds first distilled non-alcoholic spirits


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Cocktail bars are also expanding their options to attract trendy teetotalers.
Meet Seedlip, a non-alcoholic “spirit” distilled from herbs. In 2017, Seedlip
was added to the cocktail menu at bars including the NoMad Bar at the
NoMad Hotel in New York, and the American Bar at London’s Savoy.

Ähnliches Foto

Seedlip contains no alcohol, but the taste calls to mind a liquor, elevating the mocktail experience through its flavor profile and artistic branding.
“You’ve got a good, long, grapefruit citrus finish,” founder Ben Branson told
The Challenger Project. “This is something to sip. It’s not something to gulp
down. There’s an adult aspect to this.”

Bildergebnis für seedlip
Why it’s interesting: The global alcohol market saw a sluggish 2016, including
the first decline in consumption in the United States since 2011, according
to figures from the International Wine and Spirits Record.

Bildergebnis für seedlip

By comparison, the global non-alcoholic beverage market is projected to reach $1.6 trillion by 2025, up from just over $967 billion in 2016, according to a 2017 report from Grand View Research. In the future, look for more elevated experiences geared specifically towards non-alcoholic drinkers.

What a beautiful packaging!!! Already looking at it makes me happy! Yours, Fran

Aroma-Zone DIY workshops


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The new Aroma-Zone store welcomes its customers in a complete eco-designed environment made of copper, wood and wicker.

Bildergebnis für Aroma-Zone paris

The store counts 1.500 references, including around 200 essential oils from all around the world, ingredients dedicated to DIY cosmetics, and the ready-to-use skincare range.

Bildergebnis für Aroma-Zone

There are also chemists, advisers, and digital search points to meet demands according to people’s needs.

The program of public and professional workshops, which take place in the training area, reinforce the customer intimacy. Each participant can prepare one or several recipes of natural, ultra-fresh skincare products in groups of 8 to 12 people.

Bildergebnis für Aroma-Zone paris

There are two stores in Paris so far.

Lots of love! Yours, Fran