Foolproof Blending Tool Kit


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Layering scents is wonderful and rewarding, but sometimes it would be great to be able to blend your own scent and just carry it around with you in a bottle.

Now you can.
The Demeter Blending Tool Kit includes:
• ONE Fragrance Funnel
• SIX Droppers
• ONE 1 oz Refillable Bottle with Pump, Cap and a Customizable Label
• BLENDING STRIPS for easy blending

Everything you need to blend and personalize your own fragrance, using Demeter single note scents as your palette.  
All Demeter colognes are reusable, so they can be opened and the fragrances mixed in the Blending Bottle.

Express your scent-creativity the way you want! Lots of love from Romania. Yours, Fran


Damn Rebel B*tches


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Reek by Urban Reivers, a fragrance brand launched by Sara Sheridan in 2016, celebrates brave and rebellious Scottish women.

Its first scent, Damn Rebel B*tches, is made in collaboration with female perfumer Sarah McCartney of 4160 Tuesdays.

The new campaign uses untouched images of real women.

Adventurous images! I like!
Best wishes from Romania (holiday trip). Yours, Fran

The absolute Customisation Trend – Twist’d


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A UK retail magazine challenged the design industry to develop new snack concepts.

Hornall Anderson’s Twist’d concept has a lid that dispenses flavours onto the snack.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor twisted snack company

The snacks are without seasoning – until the lid is twisted. Consumers just have to give the lid a little twist to add the range of four quirky flavours, including Sea Salt & Seaweed, BBQ & Honey, Chilli & Chocolate and Cheddar & Stilton.

I guess non-food companies could easily borrow this idea to spice up your product.

Have a nice start of the week! Yours, Fran

Tattly launches scented temporary tattoos


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Although temporary tattoos have been around for decades, Tattly is elevating your favorite nostalgic accessory to the next level. The Brooklyn-based business was started in 2011 by Tina Roth Eisenberg. Tina — a graphic designer  — knew there was more out there for the humble temporary tat.

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These aren’t your mom’s temporary tattoos, and in the last six years, Tattly has grown from just 15 designs to include thousands (ranging from dainty to daring) on their website by artists from across the globe. Tina is always looking for innovative ways to test the limits of the temporary tattoo, and Tattly’s most recent design features an accompanying fragrance.


The art for these latest tattoos was created by French artist Vincent Jeannerot. Vincent’s watercolor paintings feature beautiful floral images that are reminiscent of 19th-century botany illustrations, and even smell like real flowers.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor scented tattly tattoos

They received help from Agilex Fragrance, a fragrance company, to assist with creating the scent to accompany these unique tattoos.   “We started working with Agilex fragrance house, and they were so kind to experiment with us,” says Tina. “Their designers were super excited to take a visual design and then try to interpret a scent for it. We launched it, and it was an incredible success. It seems like no one else is doing it.”

Have a nice sunday! Yours, Fran

The smell of cat bellies – a sensual experience to recreate!?!


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Japanese company creates scratch and sniff cards that smell like the bellies of cats and dogs! Here comes the background info:

For years, Japanese retailer Felissimo has been giving us weird and wonderful cat-themed products we could never even dream of, including hand cream that smells like a cat’s pawlip gloss that makes you feel like you’ve just kissed a cat’s nose etc.

Hours of testing went into replicating the unusual scent.

Now the creative team at Felissimo is continuing on their plight to capture the scent of an animal with a brand new item from their humorous You+More brand, which features the smell of a pet’s belly.

Each note card comes with an image of a cute cat or dog happily exposing their bellies for a good belly rub. Rubbing their stomachs will release the special “belly scent”, which gradually decreases in intensity over time.

What a crazy world we are living in…! But fun! Yours, Fran

Somerset House Perfume Exhibition: all about scent


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Sweat, blood, chlorine and ink. Not a list one would normally associate with fragrance, but a list, nonetheless, that welcomes all those heading to Somerset House’s newest exhibition, Perfume: A Sensory Journey Through Contemporary Scent, opening last week in London.

Arguably the sense we talk and think about the least: smell, has a peculiar place in our lives, with the average person having done little more than consider perfume as a last minute addition to an outfit for years.

For Curator Claire Catterall, and Co-Curator Lizzie Ostrom, AKA Odette Toilette, this newest venture is all about changing the tide. Pinpointing a shift in attitudes, the exhibition aims to stimulate and awaken the senses in a less than ordinary way.  “In the 21st century perfume is changing,” said Catterall. “We want to smell different. Different from everyone else and different from before. We want to be taken on a journey, to a space in time or a space emotionally.”

This is an initiation into the world for the uninitiated, but rather than showcasing fragrances we’ve all known and loved over the years, 10 rooms champion the scents that break boundaries, the rebels of the industry that are doing things differently.

From Killian Wells to Mark Buxton and Geza Schoen, a cohort of perfumers that look at the industry in a completely different way take exhibit goers on an olfactory journey through experimental scents.

Great event, I wish I could go! Yours, Fran


Byredo Is Making IKEA-Themed Perfume


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The Swedish retailer has tapped luxury perfume brand Byredo’s Ben Gorham to “explore new ways of adding scents in your home.”

The collection wants to take a “democratic approach to smell” and will feature a range of candles and perfumes.


Byredo’s regular scent range doesn’t come cheap — with candles costing $80 and perfume $150, so let’s hope IKEA helps lower those prices considerably.

Curious to smell! Yours, Fran

A direct line to consumer tastes – Givaudan is teaching fashion students


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The Shanghai-based Center of Fashion and Design is one of Asia’s most vibrant outposts for cutting-edge ideas in couture, clothes and concepts. It is here that passionate fashionistas study every aspect of fashion design, branding and marketing. This includes fragrance, an essential brand extension for every designer.

Givaudan has been invited to train students in fragrance appreciation and understanding as part of the school’s Luxury Marketing curriculum. As a fragrance leader in China, Givaudan is recognised by customers and industry alike as a trusted and expert partner in the art of perfume. Here is a link to the course.

Great vision indeed! I wish you a lovely week! Yours, Fran

My visit to the museum of Perfumery in Paris


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Finally – I made it to the Museum of Perfumery! Paris is always worth a trip, but this time it was a perfume weekend! After a trip to the Osmotheque in Versailles, I went to the museum. Such a cool experience – a MUST for perfume-lovers!

Here are some impressions:

A vivid demonstration of how fragrance enters our brain.

How does the scent of a croissant actually get in a perfume? Headspace Analysis is the answer!

How was fragrance used back in the days? Personal stories tell the background.

Citronellol and many other raw materials were exhibited.
Great installation with raw materials and audio explanations!

Me whilst sniffing!
A wonderful scent-organ with classical music and light effects!

…and once more because it was so beautiful!

Childhood memories could be awakened with these fragrance flowers!

Does the Flacon not remind of “Le Classique” by Jean-Paul Gaultier?

I hope you got a little insight! Yours, Fran

Personalization – Guerlain’s Parfumeur Boutique


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Personalization is the big trend and Guerlain wants to take part as well! Their ‘parfumeur boutique’ already exists in Paris on rue Saint Honoré, but is now to open in more countries.

The new “Guerlain Parfumeur depuis 1828” boutique in Brussels. Photo: Guerlain

Tailor-made products: How does it work?

The new area offers 110 Guerlain fragrances and a full immersion into the heart of the brand’s creativity. Basically the accords are classified into four main olfactory families, allowing customers to take advantage of a digital fragrance consultation to identify their personal olfactory profile and, thanks to a powerful algorithm, find their very own “signature fragrance”.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Guerlain Parfumeur personalization

After choosing their fragrance, customers are invited to the personalization atelier, where they can finalize their purchase by selecting every detail to make the fragrance their own – bottle shape and colour, engraved message in any language, plus a choice of ribbons and bows to embellish the bottles. Plus the bottles can be refilled.

Guerlain’s main goal is to offer a unique experience revolving around completely tailor-made products & services.

I’ve lately been to the Paris shop and indeed, its a pretty concept! Yours, Fran