Re-inventing fine fragrances – water based perfumes


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When someone thinks of perfume the first thing that comes in mind is alcohol. The second thing might be oil, but no one ever thinks of water. In an attempt of total fragrance re-invention, three brands create organic water-based perfumes to prove that simplicity can be miraculous.

Bildergebnis für CB I Hate Perfume “SCENT IS LIFE”

“SCENT IS LIFE”. For Christopher Brosius, the creator of CB I Hate Perfume, the point of a perfume is its scent. As he argues “Your sense of smell is one of the most important factors that defines you as YOU. Perfume is meant to be enjoyed.”

Bildergebnis für CB I Hate Perfume

In his effort to create a fragrance that creates feelings and memories, Brosius used the challenging base of water and managed to mix it with oil even if it isn’t rather easy.

Other examples of water based perfumes are Eau Triple by Buly 1803, and Pure Rose and Pure Neroli by Behnaz.

Bildergebnis für Pure Rose and Pure Neroli by Behnaz

Could the use of water instead of alcohol catch-on as consumers look for more ‘natural’ and ‘less harsh’ options?

Yours, Fran


Hello after the summer break ;-)


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Sorry guys, I was on holiday and moved in the meantime as well… lots of new things happening at the moment!

I found this Missha brand promoting their ‘meditanical’ toner. Quite interesting way of presenting and also the word play of medicinal and botanical!

Well, a nice eye-catching packaging can make the difference!

Enjoy your summer holidays 😉

Yours, Fran

Blow by Byredo: a new way of perfuming your skin


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A new fragrance delivery machanism from Byredo just hit the social media channels: Blow by Byredo. You blow the perfumed air on your skin instead of spraying it.

This device also allows customization: there are 5 fragrance capsules inside, which are blended according to your taste to create you own signature.

Blow seems to be inspired by electronic home fragrance diffusers.

And? Are you blown away by this innovation? Yours, Fran

The worlds first distilled non-alcoholic spirits


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Cocktail bars are also expanding their options to attract trendy teetotalers.
Meet Seedlip, a non-alcoholic “spirit” distilled from herbs. In 2017, Seedlip
was added to the cocktail menu at bars including the NoMad Bar at the
NoMad Hotel in New York, and the American Bar at London’s Savoy.

Ähnliches Foto

Seedlip contains no alcohol, but the taste calls to mind a liquor, elevating the mocktail experience through its flavor profile and artistic branding.
“You’ve got a good, long, grapefruit citrus finish,” founder Ben Branson told
The Challenger Project. “This is something to sip. It’s not something to gulp
down. There’s an adult aspect to this.”

Bildergebnis für seedlip
Why it’s interesting: The global alcohol market saw a sluggish 2016, including
the first decline in consumption in the United States since 2011, according
to figures from the International Wine and Spirits Record.

Bildergebnis für seedlip

By comparison, the global non-alcoholic beverage market is projected to reach $1.6 trillion by 2025, up from just over $967 billion in 2016, according to a 2017 report from Grand View Research. In the future, look for more elevated experiences geared specifically towards non-alcoholic drinkers.

What a beautiful packaging!!! Already looking at it makes me happy! Yours, Fran

Aroma-Zone DIY workshops


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The new Aroma-Zone store welcomes its customers in a complete eco-designed environment made of copper, wood and wicker.

Bildergebnis für Aroma-Zone paris

The store counts 1.500 references, including around 200 essential oils from all around the world, ingredients dedicated to DIY cosmetics, and the ready-to-use skincare range.

Bildergebnis für Aroma-Zone

There are also chemists, advisers, and digital search points to meet demands according to people’s needs.

The program of public and professional workshops, which take place in the training area, reinforce the customer intimacy. Each participant can prepare one or several recipes of natural, ultra-fresh skincare products in groups of 8 to 12 people.

Bildergebnis für Aroma-Zone paris

There are two stores in Paris so far.

Lots of love! Yours, Fran

Puglia… ohhh Puglia


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I am sending you energy and love from Puglia, south of Italy! This is my first Yoga Retreat experience, and I have to say that I really enjoy!

We are 14 people from different countries, enjoying good food, nice weather and relaxation.

Yesterday we did a wine tasting at an old castle – what a great experience !

Our teacher for the 5 days.

I smell wonderful flowers (such as gardenia, jasmine, etc.), eat super nice food and relaxing by the pool is also not bad 😉

Yoga in nature! Or on the rooftop…

Thanks to Do.Be.See for organizing this!!!

Yours, Fran

Innovation – Ani Liu has used emerging technologies to create human-scented perfumes


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Ani Liu makes human-scented perfume by capturing volatile molecules from a person’s garment in a solvent for several weeks and then distilling the solution through traditional glassware.

Imagine bottling the scent of someone you love, eternalizing them forever, allowing you to dive into a fond memory of that person with just one whiff. Ani Liu has figured out how to make this sci-fi sounding fantasy a reality.

Liu is an artist who uses technology and science to develop multi-sensory experiences. Her work pulls from tools used in architecture, augmented reality, and synthetic biology—creating art that examines the social, cultural, and emotional effects of these emerging technologies.

Who did she bottled so far? She did around six people: Her husband, herself, her parents, a lab mate, and the chemist that was helping out. Using her parents … was very emotionally driven. She knows there will be a time when they pass away, so it was to create a time capsule of them before they passed.

It’s time for the weekend!!! Yours, Fran

The sleepiest print ad ever made


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Ikea’s print ad serves a useful purpose by aiming to help people get a good night’s sleep.

“Sömnig”, which is Swedish for sleepy, was designed to be torn out of a magazine and placed beside a bed to demonstrate the quality of Ikea’s mattresses. When activated, it emits a white noise frequency that masks unwanted noises.

Ähnliches FotoIt also includes an aromatic lavender port and was printed using lavender infused ink, a scent which is known to help relax muscles and lower heart rate.

Nighty night! Yours, Fran

The ‘sounds’ of fragrance played at Paris museum


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Scent Constellation, a new album created by composer Daniel Sonabend, is being played at an installation at Le Grand Musée du Parfum in Paris.

Bildergebnis für Scent Constellation Daniel Sonabend Le Grand Musèe du Parfum

A musical album that captures the ‘sounds’ of fragrance is due to launch on 1 June.

The Scent Constellation album will feature five musical fragrance compositions: Eau de Cologne, Oriental, Fougère, Floral and Chypre.

Bildergebnis für Scent Constellation Daniel Sonabend Le Grand Musèe du Parfum

Created by Jason Bruges Studio, the installation is designed to portray the perfume creation process and scent pyramid through sound.

The sounds play for as long as each fragrance note lasts with a fast-evaporating top note represented by a short sound, and a lingering base note playing for longer.

Sonabend, based in London, specialises in creating music for scent and was commissioned to create Cartier’s first Unidentified Scent Object – Le Nudge Parfumé (The Perfumed Cloud).

To listen to a preview, click here.

U.S. Postal Service announces scratch-and-sniff stamp


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The U.S. Postal Service said Monday that it will issue its first-ever scratch-and-sniff stamps that will aim to evoke the sweet scent of summer. The 10 different stamp designs each feature a watercolor illustration of two different ice pops on a stick.

Bildergebnis für usps scratch and sniff stamp

The sweet smells of summer: freshly cut grass, barbeque on a grill, the beach and suntan lotion???

Bildergebnis für usps scratch and sniff stamp

One thing is sure: there will be one scent for all of the stamps and the secret smell will be unveiled when the Postal Service issues the stamps on June 20th.

Obviously, my friend in America has to send me a letter this summer !!! Yours, Fran