Smart Fart, the revolutionary pill that makes your gas smell lovely!


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Smart Fart is an innovative new pill that teaches ‘The art of fart’ by making human fart smell like perfumes! Crazy story… but let’s keep our hopes up!

Bildergebnis für smart fart INDIEGOGO

The pill, who recently launched on Indiegogo, will make farting in public or at home less embarrassing as there will be no stinky smells, only a breeze of perfumed air.

Bildergebnis für smart fart INDIEGOGO

The campaign launched with a goal of $1,200,000 and has already started to receive good reviews from the backers, obviously considering that farting is a universal phenomenon.

Will our future look a little brighter after this launch? Yours, Fran


Visual fragrance tattoos – the new trend


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Remember i wrote about scented temporary tattoos from Tattly? This one is similar.

Innovative Cosmetics Company, Amkiri, Develops World’s First Visual Fragrance™ Technology

Innovative cosmetics company Amkiri Ltd is delighted to announce the launch of the world’s first ever ‘visual fragrance™’ technology.

The Amkiri team has developed and successfully patented a technology comprised of scented ‘ink’, which is applied to the skin via specifically developed applicators, allowing the user to apply and create body art infused with fragrance.

Bildergebnis für Amkiri, Develops World’s First Visual Fragrance

The innovative and patented technology of Amkiri allows fragrance to be carried in liquid ‘ink’ and worn visually on the skin, while ensuring the scent remains true to itself and lasts for up to 12 hours.

I wish you a lovely rest of the week!!! Yours, Fran

Application techniques – No time to waste!


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Proverb, a male skin care company, is offering a training program consisting of 4 products, 4 movements, 4 minutes long. Its basically a routine program.

  1. Supplement – neck extension – 4 repetitions
  2. Cleanse & shave mud – face push press – 4 repetitions
  3. Skin Strengthening Serum – eye lift – 4 repetitions
  4. Moisturizer – forehead fly – 4 repetitions

Watch the video here:

Proverb says that 4 minutes in the morning and 4 minutes in the evening will ensure your skin is in peak condition.

Bring it on baby! Yours, Fran

Cocktail Balls – new formats hitting the market


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Designed by the Tequila Patron brand, these ping pong balls are loaded with citrus and herbs. Once in contact with alcohol or soda, the balls aromatize your drink perfectly by forming a cloud of bubbles.

Bildergebnis für piwee boule cocktail

A little sexier than an Aspirin in a glass of water!

Bildergebnis für piwee boule cocktail

For the moment, they are only available in one bar in Virginia, US. But the idea is great and I am convinced that we will quickly find these balls in our bars and supermarkets.


Why not??? Its a simple idea that goes viral because of the fun factor! Yours, Fran

Supernutural – grind your nuts in store


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Heyqnut is a grinding machine that prepares fresh nut butter in stores such as your local supermarket. The idea is coming from Germany, where the concept starts creating buzz around the world!

Bildergebnis für Heyqnut

The idea makes total sense: people want to know more & more what exactly they are consuming! Plus we want to live healthier, whilst having a positive eating experience. Fast, uncomplicated and affordable.

The nice thing about Heyqnut is that your nut cream can firstly be made of multiple nuts, but secondly be used for multiple purposes: nice soups, pasta dishes, delicious curries, desserts, chocolate-creams or just pure on your bread. More info can be found on their website.

Enjoy your time-out! Yours, Fran

Grown offers more yummy adaptogens


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GROWN has created a new format for adaptogens: supplements that help to boost cortisol and balance stressors that goes beyond powdered supplements.


The range of three adaptogenic herb and mushroom tonics consists of a morning iteration to combat fatigue, a mushroom tonic to boost the immune system and a calming evening adaptogen.


The liquid supplements can either be added to drinks like tea, coffees and smoothies or pipetted straight onto the tongue, making it easy to incorporate into daily life. ‘At GROWN we are not asking you to change your daily rituals, but simply add to the ones you already have,’ states the brand website.


Interesting format – Boost your health with a drop! Yours, Fran

Eye catching veggie inspired beauty line


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“Hands on Veggies” places importance on precious, natural fermented ingredients that act as preserving agents while also caring for the skin…. Oils, fermented substances and extracts are part of the natural, vegetable components that make up their products.

Bildergebnis für hands on veggies

Im mostly in love with the images and the packaging!

Bildergebnis für hands on veggies

Bildergebnis für hands on veggies

Bildergebnis für hands on veggies

Let’s connect with nature again! A walk in the forest this weekend? Yours, Fran

More Mix & Match marketing stories


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Kenneth Cole has launched Kenneth Cole for Him and Kenneth Cole for Her, a collection of fragrances designed to be layered.

“I believe that everyone is their own brand. Personal style is defining, and this unique selection of fragrances provides yet another opportunity for one to further express their individuality,” said Kenneth Cole, chairman and chief creative officer at Kenneth Cole Productions, Inc.

For Him

Kenneth Cole for Him is a fragrance with a blend of salty, citrusy and amber notes. The fragrance includes top notes of sea salt, white citrus and a mineral accord; middle notes of jasmine and ginger and base notes of modern woods and white amber.

For Her

For the Kenneth Cole for her fragrance, it blends floral, citrus and musk scents. The fragrance includes top notes of pink peonies, lemon and translucent florals; middle notes of jasmine, violet and lily-of-the-valley and base notes of sandalwood, heliotrope and skin musk.

A Kenneth Cole Ad

A Personal Twist

In addition to the release of Kenneth Cole for Him and Kenneth Cole for Her, the company has released The Personal­ization Fragrances, a collection of fragrances that can be layered with the other two products.

The fragrances in the line include:

  • Serenity. The fragrance is a blend of white pepper, whiskey accords, peach nectar, woods, vanilla and tonka bean. Used with Kenneth Cole for Him, it creates a smooth woody/amber scent, while it enhances notes of peonies, violet and sandalwood when used in Kenneth Cole for Her.
  • Energy. The Energy fragrance includes notes of neroli, orange flower, magnolias, jasmine, tuberose absolute. Sandalwood, vetiver and musk. Paired with Kenneth Cole for Him, it adds a sporty twist, emphasizing the white citrus and translucent floral scents. Layered with Kenneth for Her, it enhances the lemon, jasmine and floral scents.
  • Intensity. A fragrance blend with notes of cardamom, pink pepper, leather, nutmeg, saffron, tobacco leaf, coffee, woods and tonka beans. Used to warm the ginger, wood and white amber scents in Kenneth Cole for Him, while enhancing the sandalwood, heliotrope and skin musks in Kenneth Cole for Her.

Bildergebnis für Kenneth Cole perfume Energy

Layering is still a hot topic! Enjoy the rest of your week! Yours, Fran

Immersive cocktail experience in London


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In a secret room hidden in the ever-sophisticated Berkeley hotel in London, there exists an immersive cocktailing experience like no other on the planet…


It’s called “Out of the Blue”, and it’s something like a cross between a very fancy cocktail bar and a very advanced virtual reality project. Rest assured, it’s the first of its kind—and a substantial amount of booze is involved.

To participate, you’ll you’ll visit the website and make a reservation. The room only accommodates four people per hour, so you can imagine it’s a pretty hot ticket…

The room is a 360-degree projection environment, meaning you’ll be surrounded on all sides by screens capable of transporting you to some very nice places. Thankfully, they’ve specifically designed film, combined with molecular scents, to match a totally bespoke set of four taster-sized cocktails.

The whole experience is basically cocktail-induced synesthesia.

Enjoy your sunday! Yours, Fran

Meet the Snoozeliner


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Business opportunities for sleep are wide and far: meet the Snoozeliner, a night bus equipped with designer beds and the latest technology, including olfactory relaxation, to promote optimal rest.


Tired of the hustle and bustle of public transport, which is hardly conducive to catching up on lost hours of sleep? An architectural firm based close to London, has created a vehicle for people leaving the capital after a night of partying that enables them to rest during their journey home: the Snoozeliner is equipped with designer beds and the latest technology to promote optimal rest.

Sound insulation and memory foam mattresses

The result of a collaboration between architectural firm Andersson-Wood and high-tech mattress brand Simba, the Snoozeliner features 14 futuristic looking capsules that can accommodate sleep-deprived travellers. It’s impossible to miss your stop: stewards come to wake travellers when they have reached their destination.


The night bus offers dreamy sleeping conditions: in addition to a memory foam mattress, the capsules are equipped with soundproofing insulation, opaque blinds and a soft light in amber, the most relaxing hue.


Olfactory relaxation

Travellers can even choose from a selection of room scents according to their personal needs that have been selected by aromatherapy specialists: want a heavy restorative sleep, or perhaps you are looking to dispel the first signs of a hangover? In development for the past four months, the Snoozeliner is expected to reach eight roads in the UK, including those leading to London, Leeds, Manchester and Birmingham, from Autumn 2018 onwards.

Watch the video here:

Fancy innovation!!! Yours, Fran