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This design aims to help you smell as delicious as you’ll look after using it! It’s called the Delicious Dryer and while it’s colored like cotton candy, you shouldn’t try tasting it.


You can, however, fill it with a scent cartridge of your choice! As you blow-dry your hair, it will lightly disperse your favorite scent, leaving you feeling fresh and clean!


You can refill easily when you consume all the essences or want to change into a different scent.


Designer: Ian Bok

Those are the different scent option:


New innovations blowing our minds!!! I like! Yours, Fran


Sense Familiar magazine lets you smell the people it profiles


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Fashion is notoriously inaccessible, too often the preserve of those blessed with lithe bodies and deep pockets who live behind the glass veneer of street style photographers and Instagram filters. Stylist Isabel Bonner wants to disrupt all that with her new publication Sense Familiar, a collaboration between photographer Alec McLeish with the added dimension of a set of scratch and sniff stickers designed by Joshua Checkley with scents by florist and candle maker Timothy Dunn. The magazine profiles six creatives and matches each with a fragrance created exclusively for them.


“I wanted to create a multi-sensory, interactive and layered project that also focused attention on people who would bring their own complexity and multiplicity. Smell is a sense we don’t often use in the creative industries, in comparison to sight and touch or even sound, and it’s also a sense that is very connected to memory and personal experience. So it really came from there, talking with these individuals, treating them as a subject of inspiration rather than an object, and creating emotive fragrances to engage participants,” says Isabel Bonner.


Although developing the unique scents for each featured individual was not easy, the release of Sense Familiar has since created a demand for the fragrances themselves.

Yours, Fran


Givaudan launches an educative beauty application


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Now available on Apple Store and Google Play, “Active Beauty” is a new educative app launched by Givaudan that aims to help all the players in the cosmetics industry in decoding, understanding and mastering the skin and hair composition while explaining and showing the different interactions of active cosmetic ingredients into the skin or scalp.

The app is the result of the collaboration between cellular biology experts, scientific communication specialists and digital application designers. It aims to offer an immersive beauty experience, a 360° virtual reality inspiring and educative discovery journey. Created in both 2D and 3D, the application shows the intimate structure of the human skin and hair with rich and detailed explanations.

Bildergebnis für Givaudan Active Beauty

Just another example of the digital innovation that opens new ways of communicating and sharing with customers. Well done!

Yours, Fran

San Fran – a green paradise


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I am visiting a friend of mine in San Francisco at the moment and have to tell you about the gorgeous vegetation over here!

Wherever you pass by, you notice never-seen trees/ plants/ cactus/ flowers.

Crazy trees with red fluff or hanging flowers… just wonderful to see! So i googled quickly what variety the city really offers:

You can do great hikes too, where you can smell a combination of eucalyptus and laurier trees – a true scentsation 😎


This was us yesterday:


Greetings from my holidays! Yours, Fran

All for one, One for all


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AO+ CAPSULE SOLUTION is a new innovative way of packaging convenience from South Korea.


Ao + was designed under the concept of “putting everything in one” of practicality, aesthetics, and functionality in accordance with the slogan “All for one, One for all “. One pack includes for instance:

-Wash set

-Sun Lotion

-Oil Foam


Our world is getting smarter! Yours, Fran

Let’s look at how dogs smell – lesson learned!


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You may have heard the expression that dogs ‘see with their noses.’ But these creature’s amazing nasal architecture actually reveals a whole world beyond what we can see. Alexandra Horowitz illustrates how the dog’s nose can smell the past, the future and even things that can’t be seen at all.

Lesson learned? Have a great week! Yours, Fran


Weather-changing perfume!


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There is now a perfume, the appearance of which changes with every change of weather: “Cloud Collection” is the name of this fascinating scent creation of Zarkoperfume from Denmark.


Labelfounder Zarko Ahlmann Pavlov explains how the weather perfume works: “The molecules contained in the water react to the atmospheric pressure of the earth’s atmosphere, which makes it clear (good weather), sometimes cloudy (on rainy days) depending on the weather The surface tension of water is broken, so the water floats over the oil, and not, as usual, the other way round. “



Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Cloud Collection Zarkoperfume

“Cloud” also gives a fine smell! Namely sanddorn, jasmine, peach and dark woods. Available from 1 September 2017, 100 ml EDP, at 239 Euro

Super Marketing! Have a good week, yours Fran

Tauer creates all-round perfumes!


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Switzerland-based perfumer Andy Tauer has launched three room perfumes, which can also perfume your skin and fabrics.

Tauer says, “The room fragrances are rich in naturals, and are micro encapsulated in a carrier, making them last. And because they are water based: they are safe to use, too.”

He adds “the sprayer is simply amazing. This is actually pretty hightech. It even sprays upside down!”

Enjoy your After-Work drinks! You deserve it! Yours, Fran

Foolproof Blending Tool Kit


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Layering scents is wonderful and rewarding, but sometimes it would be great to be able to blend your own scent and just carry it around with you in a bottle.

Now you can.
The Demeter Blending Tool Kit includes:
• ONE Fragrance Funnel
• SIX Droppers
• ONE 1 oz Refillable Bottle with Pump, Cap and a Customizable Label
• BLENDING STRIPS for easy blending

Everything you need to blend and personalize your own fragrance, using Demeter single note scents as your palette.  
All Demeter colognes are reusable, so they can be opened and the fragrances mixed in the Blending Bottle.

Express your scent-creativity the way you want! Lots of love from Romania. Yours, Fran

Damn Rebel B*tches


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Reek by Urban Reivers, a fragrance brand launched by Sara Sheridan in 2016, celebrates brave and rebellious Scottish women.

Its first scent, Damn Rebel B*tches, is made in collaboration with female perfumer Sarah McCartney of 4160 Tuesdays.

The new campaign uses untouched images of real women.

Adventurous images! I like!
Best wishes from Romania (holiday trip). Yours, Fran