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Ani Liu makes human-scented perfume by capturing volatile molecules from a person’s garment in a solvent for several weeks and then distilling the solution through traditional glassware.

Imagine bottling the scent of someone you love, eternalizing them forever, allowing you to dive into a fond memory of that person with just one whiff. Ani Liu has figured out how to make this sci-fi sounding fantasy a reality.

Liu is an artist who uses technology and science to develop multi-sensory experiences. Her work pulls from tools used in architecture, augmented reality, and synthetic biology—creating art that examines the social, cultural, and emotional effects of these emerging technologies.

Who did she bottled so far? She did around six people: Her husband, herself, her parents, a lab mate, and the chemist that was helping out. Using her parents … was very emotionally driven. She knows there will be a time when they pass away, so it was to create a time capsule of them before they passed.

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