mein Profilbild In-Imitable  Hello and welcome to In-Imitable, my fragrance blog.

I’m writing about things that you could not think of, or merely happenings that make our lives better/ nicer/ more enjoyable. In short, my topics are scent, flavour and the human sense of smell/ taste.

Fragrance and flavour have a lot in common. They are both very fascinating senses that you can train in order to get a more sensitive view on our world.

And this is where i would like to jump in and help you! I would love to bring you closer to real active perception because I’m sure your life will be more intense!

But who am I? I am a German perfume lover, working in an international fragrance house and living in beautiful Amsterdam. I have to admit that the fragrance industry became a big part of me since i cannot stop myself from actively enjoying my surrounding whilst being in the city, walking in the park, laying on the beach, cooking etc.  … and it is so much fun !!!

Mostly I’m dedicating my blog entries to cool events, interesting products/ people, new business models, upcoming trends – topics that have one thing in common: they use scent as a marketing/ cutting edge tool in order to enhance the customer experience.

Feel free to share your scented experiences (that you might have not expected). I am happy about any kind of inspiration!

Yours, Franziska



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