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When someone thinks of perfume the first thing that comes in mind is alcohol. The second thing might be oil, but no one ever thinks of water. In an attempt of total fragrance re-invention, three brands create organic water-based perfumes to prove that simplicity can be miraculous.

Bildergebnis für CB I Hate Perfume “SCENT IS LIFE”

“SCENT IS LIFE”. For Christopher Brosius, the creator of CB I Hate Perfume, the point of a perfume is its scent. As he argues “Your sense of smell is one of the most important factors that defines you as YOU. Perfume is meant to be enjoyed.”

Bildergebnis für CB I Hate Perfume

In his effort to create a fragrance that creates feelings and memories, Brosius used the challenging base of water and managed to mix it with oil even if it isn’t rather easy.

Other examples of water based perfumes are Eau Triple by Buly 1803, and Pure Rose and Pure Neroli by Behnaz.

Bildergebnis für Pure Rose and Pure Neroli by Behnaz

Could the use of water instead of alcohol catch-on as consumers look for more ‘natural’ and ‘less harsh’ options?

Yours, Fran