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The London based restaurant Duck & Waffle launches one-ingredient cocktails, where they explore the level of flavour achievable from one ingredient.

The menu features 10 cocktails named after the ingredients they are based on, such as Olive, Tomato, Avocado and Red Pepper. Each part of the ingredient is used – from tomato skins and red pepper stalks to spent coffee grounds and walnut shells – to showcase its versatility and minimise waste.

‘We have amazing ingredients to work with, why bastardise them with other flavours? I want them to shine in all their glory,’ Rich Woods, head of cocktail development at Duck & Waffle. ‘I wanted to illustrate how much flavour can be extracted from a single ingredient and show the levels of complexity that can be obtained from multiple elements of a single source.’

Basically, what we see in the markets is that mixologists are increasingly adopting a Trash-to-table mindset, repurposing ingredients that are typically discarded to create innovative new serves.

Yours, Fran