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In a secret room hidden in the ever-sophisticated Berkeley hotel in London, there exists an immersive cocktailing experience like no other on the planet…


It’s called “Out of the Blue”, and it’s something like a cross between a very fancy cocktail bar and a very advanced virtual reality project. Rest assured, it’s the first of its kind—and a substantial amount of booze is involved.

To participate, you’ll you’ll visit the website and make a reservation. The room only accommodates four people per hour, so you can imagine it’s a pretty hot ticket…

The room is a 360-degree projection environment, meaning you’ll be surrounded on all sides by screens capable of transporting you to some very nice places. Thankfully, they’ve specifically designed film, combined with molecular scents, to match a totally bespoke set of four taster-sized cocktails.

The whole experience is basically cocktail-induced synesthesia.

Enjoy your sunday! Yours, Fran