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Business opportunities for sleep are wide and far: meet the Snoozeliner, a night bus equipped with designer beds and the latest technology, including olfactory relaxation, to promote optimal rest.


Tired of the hustle and bustle of public transport, which is hardly conducive to catching up on lost hours of sleep? An architectural firm based close to London, has created a vehicle for people leaving the capital after a night of partying that enables them to rest during their journey home: the Snoozeliner is equipped with designer beds and the latest technology to promote optimal rest.

Sound insulation and memory foam mattresses

The result of a collaboration between architectural firm Andersson-Wood and high-tech mattress brand Simba, the Snoozeliner features 14 futuristic looking capsules that can accommodate sleep-deprived travellers. It’s impossible to miss your stop: stewards come to wake travellers when they have reached their destination.


The night bus offers dreamy sleeping conditions: in addition to a memory foam mattress, the capsules are equipped with soundproofing insulation, opaque blinds and a soft light in amber, the most relaxing hue.


Olfactory relaxation

Travellers can even choose from a selection of room scents according to their personal needs that have been selected by aromatherapy specialists: want a heavy restorative sleep, or perhaps you are looking to dispel the first signs of a hangover? In development for the past four months, the Snoozeliner is expected to reach eight roads in the UK, including those leading to London, Leeds, Manchester and Birmingham, from Autumn 2018 onwards.

Watch the video here:


Fancy innovation!!! Yours, Fran