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A British woman who can smell Parkinson’s disease has helped scientists discover 10 molecules linked to the condition which could lead to the first diagnostic test.

Joy Milne, conducting an experiment by sniffing a t-shirt to see if it’s owner has Parkinson’s disease.

It all began when Mrs Milne claimed she detected a change in the odour of her husband six years before he was diagnosed with the condition.

When researchers conducted tests with Mrs Milne they found that she was indeed able to distinguish people living with Parkinson’s from people without the condition by smelling skin swabs taken from both groups.

Scientists have now find 10 molecules that they believe Mrs Milne is sniffing 

In one case, Mrs Milne identified an individual who had Parkinson’s, but at the time had not been diagnosed yet with the condition, because the person had no symptoms.

Now scientists have identified the 10 molecules which appear in high concentration of the skin swabs from Parkinson’s patients.

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