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The Cure is a brand-new restaurant in the 9th arrondissement of Paris offering you to eat in accordance with your mood and to correct it if need be. Food can play a major role on your state of mind!

Whether you feel depressed or whacked or if you only feel like boosting your memory, Stéphanie, the place’s owner has a menu for you.

If you feel tired: wheat, chickpea, carrots, onions, zucchinis, peppers, spinach, cashew nuts, hemp seeds, Alfredo sauce served with a chestnut cake. If you feel annoyed: pearled barley, whole wheat, chorizo, garlic, tomatoes and lemon, served with a chocolate, hazelnut and almond cookie.

According to the owner, the effect will not necessarily be immediate, but a week of mood-menu and you will be more serene.

The mood topic is seen everywhere at the moment – good timing to come up with a Restaurant! Yours,  Fran