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Fashion is notoriously inaccessible, too often the preserve of those blessed with lithe bodies and deep pockets who live behind the glass veneer of street style photographers and Instagram filters. Stylist Isabel Bonner wants to disrupt all that with her new publication Sense Familiar, a collaboration between photographer Alec McLeish with the added dimension of a set of scratch and sniff stickers designed by Joshua Checkley with scents by florist and candle maker Timothy Dunn. The magazine profiles six creatives and matches each with a fragrance created exclusively for them.


“I wanted to create a multi-sensory, interactive and layered project that also focused attention on people who would bring their own complexity and multiplicity. Smell is a sense we don’t often use in the creative industries, in comparison to sight and touch or even sound, and it’s also a sense that is very connected to memory and personal experience. So it really came from there, talking with these individuals, treating them as a subject of inspiration rather than an object, and creating emotive fragrances to engage participants,” says Isabel Bonner.


Although developing the unique scents for each featured individual was not easy, the release of Sense Familiar has since created a demand for the fragrances themselves.

Yours, Fran