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Japanese company creates scratch and sniff cards that smell like the bellies of cats and dogs! Here comes the background info:

For years, Japanese retailer Felissimo has been giving us weird and wonderful cat-themed products we could never even dream of, including hand cream that smells like a cat’s pawlip gloss that makes you feel like you’ve just kissed a cat’s nose etc.

Hours of testing went into replicating the unusual scent.

Now the creative team at Felissimo is continuing on their plight to capture the scent of an animal with a brand new item from their humorous You+More brand, which features the smell of a pet’s belly.

Each note card comes with an image of a cute cat or dog happily exposing their bellies for a good belly rub. Rubbing their stomachs will release the special “belly scent”, which gradually decreases in intensity over time.

What a crazy world we are living in…! But fun! Yours, Fran