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Finally – I made it to the Museum of Perfumery! Paris is always worth a trip, but this time it was a perfume weekend! After a trip to the Osmotheque in Versailles, I went to the museum. Such a cool experience – a MUST for perfume-lovers!

Here are some impressions:

A vivid demonstration of how fragrance enters our brain.

How does the scent of a croissant actually get in a perfume? Headspace Analysis is the answer!

How was fragrance used back in the days? Personal stories tell the background.

Citronellol and many other raw materials were exhibited.
Great installation with raw materials and audio explanations!

Me whilst sniffing!
A wonderful scent-organ with classical music and light effects!

…and once more because it was so beautiful!

Childhood memories could be awakened with these fragrance flowers!

Does the Flacon not remind of “Le Classique” by Jean-Paul Gaultier?

I hope you got a little insight! Yours, Fran