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Personalization is the big trend and Guerlain wants to take part as well! Their ‘parfumeur boutique’ already exists in Paris on rue Saint Honoré, but is now to open in more countries.

The new “Guerlain Parfumeur depuis 1828” boutique in Brussels. Photo: Guerlain

Tailor-made products: How does it work?

The new area offers 110 Guerlain fragrances and a full immersion into the heart of the brand’s creativity. Basically the accords are classified into four main olfactory families, allowing customers to take advantage of a digital fragrance consultation to identify their personal olfactory profile and, thanks to a powerful algorithm, find their very own “signature fragrance”.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Guerlain Parfumeur personalization

After choosing their fragrance, customers are invited to the personalization atelier, where they can finalize their purchase by selecting every detail to make the fragrance their own – bottle shape and colour, engraved message in any language, plus a choice of ribbons and bows to embellish the bottles. Plus the bottles can be refilled.

Guerlain’s main goal is to offer a unique experience revolving around completely tailor-made products & services.

I’ve lately been to the Paris shop and indeed, its a pretty concept! Yours, Fran