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A study with inhalation of cedar wood shows improvement in mental health & stress responses – Mental illness and stress are becoming more common in the workplace for a number of reasons. The aroma of essential oils has been investigated to improve wellness in a work environment.

Cedar oilThe experiment consisted of one room with diffusion of the essential oil and one room without it. The study had participants sit facing a wall and fill out a questionnaire for an understanding of their odor assessment. Participants’ saliva were collected before and four times after they had performed arithmetic work.

The study found inhaling air with volatile compounds of Japanese cedar wood essential oil increased the secretion of dehydroe­piandrosterone sulfate. Therefore, this essential oil is proven to improve the mental health and stress responses of employees.
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Fragrance definitely plays a role in brain activity and it influences psychological behavior and body function.

Will cedar wood then be the next trend ingredient for de-stress claims? How could we use this to our advantage? Yours, Fran