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How to sell a fragrance online? As a brand that’s attempting the impossible — selling scents without having smelled them — Phlur’s method is pretty innovative. Its a new brand where you can see and hear your new favorite fragrance.

Bildergebnis für Phlur fragrance

Shoppers are encouraged to browse each scent’s accompanying photos and music and then choose the scent that speaks to them most.

Bildergebnis für Phlur Moab

In the case of Moab, for example, if you jive with a hot desert aesthetic and the soft, sensual tunes on its Spotify playlist, the Austin-based Phlur thinks you’ll dig its spicy scent.

Bildergebnis für Phlur fragrance

If you want to be sure that Moab is really your favorite one, you can order a small sample too. The package also includes the nice visuals to get you in the right mood at home.

A real reflection of our times I believe! Happy week, Fran