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Clairy, a natural air purifier powered by nature and technology that eliminates indoor pollution and analyses it. It has no filters, all natural, so no replacing needed.

Bildergebnis für clairy air purifier

Clairy is a made-in-Italy design flowerpot with a fan that directs the air from inside your home to the roots of the plant to be detoxified. Indoor air quality, temperature and humidity  sensors continually test the quality of your air. Normal plants have no airflow in the roots, that’s what makes the difference.

Bildergebnis für clairy air purifier

From there, the build-in wifi module sends real-time updates to your smartphone.

Plus it looks quite appealing!

Bildergebnis für clairy air purifier

Growing fresh air sounds like a promising concept, and a great new years resolution. You can preorder on Indiegogo (starting from 179$).

Good start into the year! Yours, Fran