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FeelReal is THE new gadget for a cinema-feeling at home. Basicially its a helmet (looking totally unsocial at home), with which you can play games, but more real than ever before.

Bildergebnis für FeelReal

The startup company has created a virtual reality mask and helmet that lets you smell virtual environments. The company claims its devices stimulate both the olfactory (smell) and tactile (touch) senses, thereby immersing you in virtual water mist or wind or a battlefield.

Bildergebnis für FeelReal

The device includes an odor generator that takes seven removable “smell cartridges,” which vaporize a mixture of perfumes to create an appropriate scent for the game you’re playing or the movie you’re watching.

I’m not allowing this device at home *smile* it’s such a playboy device! Yours, Fran