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The design company Aesthete collaborated with a perfumer for a fragrance project around the topics of upcycling, open source, and D.I.Y. (do it yourself).

The bottles: purchased on a flea market, wrapped up with bio-degradable balloons, these colourful creations look high-class and innovative.   Afbeeldingsresultaat voor JUS joyau unique & sensorial

This concept of re-using an old product in a different way (basically giving it a second life) is called upcycling.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor JUS joyau unique & sensorial

The perfume:  Céline Ellena created a formula that everybody can download for free via the internet (open source system) so that you can re-create your own at home.

With this project, Aesthete demonstrated a very modern way of creativity: low budget, big impact! Well done! Yours, Fran