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Every year, 1.5 million bicycles are reportedly stolen every year, and it seems that no matter how strong a bike’s lock is, a determined thief can break it. But now there might be a new sheriff in town: a lock that makes potential thieves sick.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor skunklock

The SkunkLock looks just like the regular metal U-shaped devices, but the white stripes painted on it reveal that it conceals a secret weapon.

Inside is a noxious chemical brew that temporarily disables thieves, causing them to vomit, and making it hard to see or breathe. This also raises public awareness of the theft, thanks to the cloud of chemicals.

Bildergebnis für SkunkLock

US entrepreneur Daniel Idzkowski and engineer Yves Perrenoud are appealed for a crowdfunding investment of $20,000 to turn the lock from an ambitious idea into a viable commercial product.

This is thinking out of the box! Great! Yours, Fran