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In line with last weeks post, I went to the Odorama session called Art + Distillation, and one of the speakers was Klara Ravat with an impressive olfactory performance.

2 women were laying on a podium, when an electronic voice told the audience to gather 11 people around each of the laying woman. “Go on your knees. Take the perfume that is standing in front of you and spray/ drop it on the closest skin-point. Smell. Come closer and smell again. What do you feel? What do you smell?”

I observed the audience and found some puzzled faces… quite funny… e.g. on the foot, on the hair etc. Btw: the perfums were distallation works from Klara, whereas one was the Scent of Amsterdam that we distilled last Saturday in the workshop (see previous post).

The intention of Klara was to break that barrier of personal contact and to actually come closer to each other.

Nice message for a sunny start of the week! Yours, Fran

PS: Photos by Stichting Mediamatics