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We all know how well fragrance layering works: the idea of using a matching shower gel, body lotion, etc.

Well, now Guerlain have created a scented Shower Gel and Body Lotion that can be layered with not one, not five, but all of their scents.

Indeed, if you’re a lover of all things Guerlain, that may well not be a coincidence, since all their fragrances have a hint of the same base in them. Call it the Guerlain ‘DNA’, if you will: a signature base (sometimes referred to as the ‘Guerlinade’). Jean-Paul Guerlain was once quoted saying, ‘In the same way that you recognize the origin of a great wine, or the composer of a symphony, you perceive the Guerlain stamp which persists even today’.

So now, with the Les Délices de Bain range, you can layer on that ultra-luxurious, lustrous, signature base perfectly, prepping flawlessly for one of their many classic scents.

Best wishes from sunny Crete! Yours, Fran