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A new generation of internetconnected countertop devices is helping drinks consumers to explore their palates in the home.

Countertop Connoisseurs

The drinks industry is appealing to Millennials’ desire to learn about their palates using a combination of appenabled home drinks machines and bespoke delivery systems.
One such device, the Somm wine dispenser from Synek, offers a guiding hand for the growing number of enthusiastic, but uninitiated young wine drinkers. The machine reads the contents of each of the company’s proprietary wine silos and adjusts its aeration and temperature settings to suit. Over time the Somm creates a taste profile of its users and suggests what silos they should be ordering from the company’s online store in the future. Basically a personal sommelier!

I guess Millennials don’t want to be told that a wine is rated highly and therefore they should like it. They want to make their own experiences,right?!

Yours, Fran