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Cyrano is a portable scent speaker from oNotes that enables users to create and share bespoke olfactory playlists. Cartridges inside the device dispense scents that are designed to alter a user’s mood. An accompanying app enables users to switch between different scents and adjust their intensity.

Cyrano’s curated scent playlists, termed mood medleys, emit a sequence of aromas that each last for several minutes to keep users’ senses engaged. With names such as Get Energy and Get Relaxed, the playlists are designed to accommodate different moods.

The device ships with the Natural Moods cartridge set, which features 12 notes that range from the familiar, such as lavender and peppermint, to the unexpected, such as suntan and Venetian bellini. Users can also create their own mood medleys and share them with other Cyrano users.

We are getting to a point where we can design our air and our mood… it’s surely a new way of communicating! Yours, Fran