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With harmony and well being as guiding principles, the Harmonist has fused the power of scents with old-age Asian principles to create its debut collection of fragrances.

The principle: the five basic elements of Fire, Water, Wood, Earth and Metal are present in all matter and also exist as “invisible forces” within each of us. Only with scent you can most deeply alter your energetic power. As it lives on the warmth of your skin, it evolves, becomes and transforms you. Scent forges your unique connection to the world, and becomes your source of ultimate beauty.

How it works: Since your fundamental element is personal, you enter a few facts about yourself on their website and it tells you who you are in terms of personlity and which element fits best to you. Based on your personal element, you will be offered ten elixirs that can each interact with your own element in a specific way, enabling you to achieve your best self.


I’m super curious to smell the collection! Yours, Fran