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It is very interesting to see how the worlds of fragrance and hospitality are teaming up more and more often recently.Olfactive Menus

Brands are exploiting the five senses, taking consumers on a multi-sensory journey to create their perfect cocktail. Chefs and mixologists craft new menus inspired by the perfumer’s lab.

 Parfums Givenchy Cocktails at The Green Room, Hotel Cafe Royal, LondonHospitality venues including Hotel Café Royal (Givenchy‘s L’Atelier collection of perfumes and cocktails in London), the Highline bar (Penhaligon perfume line in Hong Kong) and the Ritz-Carlton (Berlin) have recently collaborated with fragrance brands to inspire their cocktails.

‘We want our guests not only to enjoy their drinks, but to experience them,’ says Arnd Heissen, Fragrances bar manager and mixologist. ‘Our new bar doesn’t only appeal to the nose and palate, but also to the eye, the ear and our natural play instinct.’