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We have been educated that eliminating bacteria from our body and skin would result in greater cleanliness. Although, having a decent balance of bacteria on our skin is a precursor to healthy skin. Useful bacteria once lived on humans until we started disinfecting our body with an abundant amount of lotions. One trillion microbes live on our skin, why try to suddenly get rid of them?

David Whitlock, an MIT-trained chemical engineer and founding scientist of Mother Dirt, thought differently. He was curious to comprehend why the horses would surprisingly roll themselves into the soil. Following countless reflections and experiments he realized that the ammonia-oxidizing bacteria, found in soil, was helping the animal clean itself. He believed that vaporizing a live-bacteria solution on the face and the body helped reduce user’s dependence on soap, deodorant and moisturizer.

This is when AOBiome – the leading skin micro biome company and first cosmetics company to market product purposely containing live bacteria – came into the picture. The Cambridge-based startup helped commercializing Whitlock’s idea that was once just a curiosity. The new line of personal care products, known as Mother Dirt, includes AO+ Mist spray, a shampoo and cleanser. They all either restore or help maintain good bacteria on the skin.

AOBiome targets to change our prevailing beliefs around cleanliness – and to teach us to embrace our skin as a rich living ecosystem. Here is their video:

Happy Easter! Yours, Fran