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ODO, a San Francisco-based apparel company, has developed a line of self-cleaning T-shirts and denim jeans that “never stink or stain”.

The ODO line, which was unveiled through a Kickstarter campaign, features denim jeans that come in a range of styles and a white cotton T-shirt.

ODO self-cleaning clothes

The garments have two self-cleaning properties: Silver fibres woven into the cotton fabric help combat odours, and a coating on the surface of the fabric helps repel liquid.

There are multiple other companies at the moment in that field: Fantini of Denmark, Vardama’s Equa-Tek line, Mister French, and The Threadsmiths. ODO said its clothing is different because it is infused with silver fibres that destroy smelly bacteria.

New generations of clothing popping up everywhere, but im wondering whether these are good for sensitive skin… well, let’s see how popular they become! Yours, Fran