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Luxurious love-making experience brought to you by Chanel 😉

Everyone is capitalising on the season of love, especially for Valentine’s day! Even Chanel… According to Trend Hunter, the luxury brand has created haute condoms that urge users to ‘keep it classy’ in the bedroom.

The condoms come in little white packets that bare Chanel’s iconic interlocking CC as well as the cheesy tag line. However, if you can find the 12-pack, it will cost you $279. Fashion website Refinery29 did a little investigation and were told by Chanel store staff that the condoms were merely a joke.

Psst… Designers like Marc Jacobs or Louis Vuitton and a couple of French royals from the Original Condom Company are also selling luxury condoms!!!

Lesson learned: Haute Couture Contraceptives are apparently very fashionable! Yours, Fran