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Mind Power is potent and it can manipulate or simulate circumstances that may seem fictitious and surreal. Based on this premise is the plate and glass combo of the ‘SET TO MIMIC’ tableware. The idea is to put a microchip in us, which interacts with our brain cells so that it can register smells, tastes and textures of our favorite food. When bland or ‘health foods’ are placed on the plate, the microchip manipulates our senses to feel as if we are eating our favorite food.

For example, you could be eating a plate of broccoli, but ‘SET TO MIMIC’ makes you feel as if you are eating a cheeseburger!

Romanian Designer Sorina Răsteanu submitted her innovative idea to the Electrolux Design Lab competition and won. Lars Erikson, head of Electrolux Design and the Design Lab jury says: “For this year’s global design competition, we asked students to submit concepts based on our theme ‘Creating Healthy Homes’. In the end, we selected out of 1,700 entries. The finalists’ concepts are truly innovative and offer new ideas on how we might be living our lives in the future, whether it’s eating healthier or being more sustainable.”

Great innovation, but somehow also scary, right?!? Yours, Fran