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Create Your Signature Scent at Home with Fred Segal’s DIY Fragrance Kit

The Blend contains 10 scented roller balls, each numbered and colour-coded, that can either be worn alone or mixed together to create thousands of customized scents.

The kit includes single-note fragrance oils, each one stored inside a convenient rollerball bottle for you to swipe on as you go. While the oils, ranging from clean and citrus to warm and spicy, are intoxicating on their own, the idea is to mix them together to create a scent (or several) that are unique to you alone.

But anyone who’s not so confident in their perfumer skills, need not worry—you’ll also be provided with recipes for 10 different scents to help get you started. So if you want to create “Morning Musk,” all you have to do is apply two swirls of Forest Patchouli on the skin, and then add five swirls of Clean Musk. Blend and voilà—you’re a master perfumer.

The Blend is available for $150 at sephora.com.

Let’s get ready for a crazy New Year’s Eve with scented sparkles! Yours, Fran