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Peter de Cupere together with Jan Kempeneers of the Jenever Museum and BOON, the Chocolate Experience, have been working on the perfect composition for anEau de Cocoa‘: A fragrance that can be sprayed  on the skin as an edible perfume. After pre-selecting the best cocoa ingredients, many testings via extractions and distillations and plenty smelling/ tasting sessions, there was finally Cocoa 5 Senses, consisting of pure natural ingredients.

Eau de Cocao has an alcohol percentage of 20% in order to ensure a stable shelf life for several months. The name “Cocoa 5 Senses” comes from the fact that this perfume touches all our 5 human senses.  

Obviously, the belgian artist took the chocolate topic due to the well-known delicious Belgian fine chocolate tradition.

On top of the perfume, there is also a Cocoa 5 Air Mask created: a purifying mask with chocolate filters, demonstrating that we can also breath nice stuff instead of air pollution.

You can order the Eau de Cocoa here. Costs: 69€ per bottle.

Great artisanal hand-made perfume idea! Let’s have a sniff.

Yours, Fran