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Forgot to put on your perfume? Don’t worry, pop in a chewing gum. Sounds absurd? Well, you may have missed a chewing gum phenomenon called “Otoko Kaoru”, literally translated ‘Man Scent’. I just read about it recently and had to post it 😉

What’s unusual about this gum is that it causes a rose fragrance to be emitted from the chewer’s body for about one to two hours after its chewed. The Rose Menthol flavoured gum, containes the fragrant component Geraniol, which is found in roses. According to Kanebo’s food research laboratory, the component is easily emitted from the body’s sweat glands, in much the same way as garlic or alcohol is.

With its black, ‘this will make you sexy’ design, the gum is marketed at Japanese men. Its been hugely popular that japanese guys are very concerned about the way they smell. In Japan, it is often reported that young women cannot stand the smell of men, especially older guys. Apparently this product is an attempt to cash in on the insecurity that such reports have generated.

The gum has proved so successful, that the manufacturer, Kanebo, published a statement to say that they were unable to keep up with demand and the gum had been pulled from the shelves until further notice.

In the meantime there were also gums for women in order to attrack the male gender.

Is it likely that we will see more pheromone inducing substances hitting the market soon? Tell me what you think.

Yours, Fran