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Short before closing, i made it finally to the wonderful exhibition called “The smell of War” in Belgium. IMG-20150719-WA0034

The Smell of War shed light on the first gas attacks in World War I and deals with the fascinating phenomenon of odour as a transmitter of emotions.  It therefore goes beyond the usual museum experience being based on primarily visual art.


Heroes also die – Peter de Cupere

International artists from the present day demonstrate that scent can really be context and/ or concept of the work. Scents evoke memories, emotions and associations, but let the beholder also re-think and reflect about the context of the work.IMG-20150719-WA0040

The main focus of the exhibition lies on the olfactory artworks about gas attacks and chemical wars, as well as on the not-smelling aspect by protection of gas masks.


War Flower 1 – Peter de Cupere

Its worth the trip for sure!!! Yours, Fran