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London based design studio Loop.pH has created an inflatable plastic dome by London’s River Thames that was pumped full of scented vapour to create a gathering space intended to replicate the atmosphere of a traditional bathhouse.

Named the Horticultural Spa & Apothecary Experience, the installation consisted of an inflatable PVC membrane. Pot plants were set into the pockets of a latticed birch plywood arch that formed an entrance to the structure.

A slit in the plastic skin allowed visitors to slip into the misty interior, where scented vapour produced by adding essential oils and plant extracts was pumped into the bubble-like dome.

The aromatic mists were developed with medicinal herbalists who advised on the properties of each plant and will be dispersed through a nebuliser fog machine more typically used in agricultural warehouses.

The Daily Fog Menu included a refreshing grapefruit, lemon balm and peppermint scent that will be dispensed in the early part of the day, a more invigorating bergamot, juniper berry and parsley concoction for mid afternoon, and a soothing bedtime fragrance comprising chamomile, lavender and basil oil in the evenings.

The event took place in June in London. Yours, Fran