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French design student Charline Ronzon-Jaricot has created a device that releases a bespoke scent during a moment users would like to remember.

The prototype for the Evanescence project comprises an inverted glass flask suspended above a small plaster stone.

At a chosen moment, the user breaks the tip off the flask to release one drop of the liquid scent. This is soaked up by the plaster pebble. The intention is that the user removes the pebble from the device and stores it away until they want to recall that specific moment, when the scent should evoke memories of the chosen event.

To enable just one drop to be released, Ronzon-Jaricot designed the flask with a small glass ball that obstructs the broken tip, allowing just one drop through. The flask was hand-blown by the Silicybine society in Paris.

Ronzon-Jaricot worked with Parisian perfumer Sarah Burri to create a new scent that wouldn’t have any pre-existing associations, using only synthetic molecules.

Beautiful design to look at! Yours, Fran