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Anders Sandberg works at the place, where Stockholm’s oldest pharmacy used to be. But in his Pharmarium the guests do not only sit on the bar enjoying cocktails. Sandbergs pharmacybar kidnapps their visitors in a retro-exotic world full of different smells. The master of flavor shows how sensual an unexpected experience can be.

–> So obviously i had to have a closer look *smile*


The cocktail selection was not that easy… starting with ‘Dreamcatcher’ to ‘Perfume Maker’ to ‘Delirium’ and many more.


The presentation of the cocktails was amazing!!! Nothing was conventional: you could see the attention to detail and the love for the unusual.


We ordered, for instance, this cocktail, where the glass was filled with birch tree smoke!!! It was an awesome flavor explosion!


A definite MUST SEE when you are in Stockholm! Yours, Fran