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FRAGments 2015, the independent Los Angeles based Artisan Perfume Event and collective, will hold it’s third annual perfume-as-art celebration of all things olfactory on Saturday, May 30, 2015. Artisan perfumers (defined by FRAGments as “those who conceive, make, bottle and market their own work”) will present their work in a gallery setting and sell direct to the public.


FRAGments is a curated event founded in 2013 by Los Angeles perfumer Maggie Mahboubian of Parfums Lalun. The FRAGments series seeks to reveal the potential of a rapidly evolving genre by highlighting exploration and experimentation in artisan perfumery and olfactory art.

The name “FRAGments” stems from common perfumista slang of referring to a fragrance as a “frag” and recognizes that artisan perfumery is a FRAGrance moveMENT distinct from its commercial roots.


FRAGments is a wonderful opportunity for makers to interact with the public in a relaxed atmosphere that enhances all of the senses,” says the founder and curator. “Artisan perfumers have limited distribution and are distinct from their commercial counterparts, focusing more on conceptual and cutting edge compositions that often incorporate rare and unique materials.”

Great initiative i think! Yours, Fran