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About synthetic pheromon boosters

The benefit of using pheromone perfume is that they boost the natural power of pheromones without actually changing anything to your body chemistry. These are synthetically produced, but nature identical to the occurring human pheromones. Meaning that they do not alter your own natural pheromones; just simply add that little bit of extra attraction potential.

Sex appeal 3

There is some research that shows that as a person ages their natural pheromone production decreases. This may, in part, explain why dating becomes so difficult as you age; there may just not be that chemical attraction between individuals anymore. Boosting your level of pheromones with synthetically boosted pheromone perfume could then be the answer to this age problem, when it comes to the dating scene.

A bit of extra attention did never harm anybody, right 😉

Yours, Fran