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There has been a lot of interest lately in the ability of pheromone perfume in increasing attraction between the genders. The results are apparently promising for men and women of all ages that wear the perfumes as they report increased attention and a greater likelihood of going out rather than staying home on a Friday night.

Sex appeal

Pheromone perfume products are worn just like any other type of scent, but, unlike perfumes, they actually have no distinct odor themselves. Of course you can wear both together if you want both the scent of your favorite perfume as well as the ability to catch the attention of that special someone.

But what are pheromones exactly???

The human body naturally produces pheromones that attract members of the opposite sex. When they are released through the skin they create an invisible and odorless attraction. The pheromones of each gender are detected by specific receptors in the nose that send signals to the brain.

Sex appeal 2

These signals then trigger the brain to release chemicals that cause sexual attraction, feelings of warmth and happiness and an increased attention to emotional attraction in social settings and situations. They also play a role in couples and help to sustain attraction, sexual appeal and interest in each other throughout a relationship.

Part II to go a bit further with the implications of this trend.

Yours, Fran