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On Saturday, April 11th, the perfume conservatory Osmothèque will present in collaboration with Guerlain a new lecture on the history of this venerable French house. Titled “From Jicky to Petite Robe Noire”, the event will cover Guerlain’s masterpieces and legacies.

Guerlain history

The lecture will be presented by Guerlain’s Sylvaine Delacourte and Osmothèque’s Patricia de Nicolaï. If you’re close to Versailles, it’s a wonderful opportunity to learn about French perfumery tradition from experts close to the source.

Thierry Wasser (perfumer of the house)

Thierry Wasser (perfumer of the house)

Thierry Wasser is the fifth Guerlain in-house perfumer and the first one who doesn’t come from the Guerlain family.

Here a little recap on the house’ history:

When: April 11th, Saturday at 14h15 (1.5-2 hours duration)
Where: The Osmothèque, 36 rue du Parc de Clagny, 78000 Versailles
Online Tickets: 22€ per person

Enjoy your day off! Yours, Fran