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Can you eat concepts or digest an abstract idea? Sean Rogg’s The Waldorf Project Chapter Two made it possible: eating designers have worked with notable societies and taken on big subjects, using food as one of their mediums to convey an idea. From the traditional family recipes, food has always had richer meanings and emotional connections beyond it’s nutritional function.


Aiming to serve a familiar dish with atypical textures

Taking it up a scale, Martino has created ‘Total Trattorias’ with both Aram Furniture Store and his contemporary gallerist Kate MacGarry, where he designs a whole evening, furniture, food, tableware, lighting and then cooks a selection of his signature Italian dishes for the evening. This simple celebration of the communal meal as artwork or installation shows an attention to detail about all of the elements that constitute an eating event.


Total Trattorias

In a similar way, artist David Parker creates work that amplifies the social and communicative benefits of feasting together. In his installation Juicework at the HR gallery in LA, he invited locals to come in and use over 2,000 sculptural ceramics and  tools he made to create a giant juicing party.



RCA graduate Johanna Schmeer has created prototypes using nanotechnology for synthetic foodstuffs designed to feed the world’s burgeoning population. In Bioplastic Fantastic, lush colours and glorious inners drip and gloop to reveal themselves like exotic fruits, enticing you to eat them.


Bioplastic Fantastic

Be inspired by the new sensory food experiences!!! Yours, Fran