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Welcome to the original Bon PuF

Bon Puf 2

BON PUF! My favorite cotton candy creator from Los Angeles, California, brings delicious whimsy to any gathering with organic, all natural cotton candy – freshly made just for you! Putting a modern spin on things, they offer hand crafted signature flavors to delight and surprise peeps of all ages. The website already invites you to take a look around to see how to add some sweet magic to your next party or event.

Bon Puf 7

Cloe, the founder, had a blast completely redefining what cotton candy can be, and creating Bon Puf original creations! “Using only organic cane sugar, all natural flavors and colors, and a few unexpected ingredients, we’ve put a truly modern spin on this classic treat.”

Bon Puf 8

In line with this great marketing concept, Bon Puf also offers add-ons… such as sprinkles of edible glitter, stars, hearts, Pop Rocks, toppers like paper flowers, butterflies etc.

Bon Puf 6

Importantly, Bon Puf offer service packages, where the nice girls come around with the card in order to offer cotton candy privately. Perfect for instance for children’s birthdays, tea parties, showers, corporate parties, birthday bashes etc. I could also imagine private tasting sessions 😉

Bon Puf 5

This concept makes all my cotton candy dreams come true! Especially the vivid childhood memories of pink sugary clouds… Yours, Fran