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Google has developed a device that will help people with smelly sweat. Basically Google’s patent pending technology is able to sniff body odor and judge whether it’s bad or not.

Google Patent 1

If it determines you smell unpleasant and you’re on your way, the device will use social networks to locate friends and suggest a different route. It also emmits deodorant so that your sweat is at least covered a bit.

Google Patent

“The route suggesting portion may provide an alternate route to travel such that the predicted odor may not offend others that are socially connected to the user and that travel the same routes as the user”, Google writes in the patent proposal. To determine whether you smell bad the device uses various sensors to measure e.g. your body temperature and heart rate. These indicators assist in determining the perspiration level. In other words: how much and how bad you sweat.

Googles Patent

But will this wearable odour-neutraliser mean that Google has another platform to have our every movement tracked???

Yours, Fran