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I recently met the husband of the owner of the organic perfume brand called Abel in the Amsterdam Foodhallen. Frances Shoemack, a New Zealand woman working in the vineyards business, was searching for a new adventure and moved to Amsterdam (great decision btw).

Portrait_Frances-Copyright_AbelUnable to find a stylish, nice organic fragrance she decided to create one herself. Well, not really herself, but with the help of perfumer Isaac Sinclair it became a true story!


Their fragrance is called Vintage ’13 and has a warm clove bud scent with hints of pepper, bergamot and sandalwood. Apparently its so organic and so natural that you might also spray the perfume on your cocktail according to the owner. The fragrance bar in Berlins’ Ritz Carlton uses it this way.

Samples to purchase

Samples to purchase

It’s time for Vintage my dear readers! Yours, Franziska