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Dear readers,

if you didn’t get the chance to go to NYC for the great scent exhibition The Art of Scent 1889 – 2012, held at New York Museum of Arts and Design between November 2012 and February 2013 – you have now the opportunity to see the next version in Madrid, Spain.

Art of Scent 2

The Art of Scent at the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid presents 8 fragrances until the 4th February 2015. Each scent is presented as a unique piece of art, rooted in its respective cultural history and described in art – historical terms.

Art of Scent

Obviously the art exhibition presented a huge challenge for the designer Cano Estudio, who had to showcase the scents in isolation, without decoration, containers or packaging. The solution is a series of “bubbles” around the room, each of which contains a different scent and allows the visitor to experience this.

Art of Scent 3

– Romanticism. Jicky by Aimé Guerlain for Guerlain.
– Modernism. Chanel Nº5 by Enest Beaux for Chanel.
– Surrealism. Angel by Olivier Cresp for Thierry Mugler.
– Neo-Romanticism. Prada Amber by Carlos Benaïm, Max Gavarry & Clément Gavarri for Prada.
– Photorealism. Eau de Lierre by Fabrice Pellegrin for Diptyque.
– Contemporary Figurative. J’Adore l’Absolu by François Demachy for Dior.
– Neoclassicism. Acqua Universalis by Francis Kurkdjian for Maison Francis Kurkdjian.
– 20th Century Retro. Aura by Emilio Valeros for Loewe.

Thanks Chandler Burr for making this possible again!!!