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If you ever ‘eaten something with your eyes’ from the pages of a cooking book, this amazing project from Renee Boute might be of interest!

edible paper

“AGF Class 3” is a project with a story. Potatoes, fruits and vegetables are divided into three different classes within the Dutch agricultural sector. Class 1, the “perfect” products, which end up in the supermarkets. Class 2, these products deviate about 10% from the perfect product and are for sale on the market. In addition, Class 3 is distinguished. These products have a deviation of more than 10% and are not offered to consumers.


Materials of the book: Potato, carrot, onion, leek, parsnip, asparagus, pepper, eggplant, strawberry, apple and pear

With this project people are informed about the large amounts of fruit and vegetables that are rejected each season in a tasteful way. “I want to make these fruits and vegetables more visible to the consumers, so they can experience that there is nothing wrong with these products and that they don’t belong on the compost heap” Renee sais.


This goal is incorporated in a (cook) book, made of the rejected fruits and vegetables. These are processed into thin dried edible sheets that can be found in the book. They are the special ingredient of the recipes and therefore the icing on the cake.

Renee made it possible to actually turn the role of this 3rd class products: from compost to sustainable nutrition/raw food! Great idea!

Yours, Franziska