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Before Christmas i went to a perfumers talk at the perfume lounge Annindriya‘s in Amsterdam. New niche brand MariaLux came to present her fragrances and invited us to have a chat. The brand is founded by the perfumer behind Nasomatto creations, Alessandro Gualtieri, and his wife, the Dutch fashion designer Lilian Driessen.

Maria L

Lilian & me at Annindriya

Initially MariaLux started early 2012 offering three perfumes: Truly, Madly and Deeply. In the meantime she presented 2 new creations: Mogadess & Aramesh. [My personal favorite is Deeply – with its sweet heavy oriental amber note that i personally love!]


Lilian Driessen explains that MariaLux is her muse and her ideal alter ego: “Maria as virgin, mother, lover. Lux stands for light, luxury, and lust. The ‘L’ is me, Lilian Driessen, designer & creative director.”

If you have the chance to smell those lovely creations, go ahead!!! Enjoy your Sunday! Yours, Franziska