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The German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine published an article called “the scent of the jungle” about Laurent Séverac, a french adventurer. Former landscape gardener, Laurent is nowadays searching for interesting aromas in the jungle of Vietnam.

Duft der Wildnis

What a cool job! Whilst walking through the jungle in the northern part of Vietnam, Laurent discovers for instance a small cinnamon distillery. Generally, discovering new materials usually begins with picking blossoms, stalks, bulbs, seeds etc. and chewing on them. Then he opens his mouth and breathes in. This is the only way Laurent can actually guess whether this ingredient could be a potential interesting material for the industry. And… he is not really afraid of the natural poison of the plants since he does not swallow anything, he says.

Duft der Wildnis 3

Until 2009 Laurent worked for the natural ingredients manufacturer Laboratoire Monique Rémy (LMR), a daughter company of the American flavor & fragrance house IFF. In this periode he was constantly looking for new ingredients, and could eventually succeed with 4 amongst 800 submitted materials. That’s how hard the business is! Nowadays you can find Laurents’ basilnote from Vietnam in the heard of the famous fragrance “Polo Blue” from Ralph Lauren.Duft der Wildnis 2

However, since 6 years Laurent is creating his own perfumes under his company called Aromasia.

Enviable job, right !?!