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The fact that the most selling fragrance Chanel No5 (introduced 1921) is also the one that tests worst in a blind test – says a lot about how much we as consumers are influenced by marketing campaigns.


expensive marketing campaigns

Consumers are bombarded with information about products that discovering a great new brand by chance is a rare thing. This thought was the starting point for a new fragrance shop in Milan.


The new Desirée Parfums store is organizing its fragrances by aromatic quality, rather than brand. When walking into the store, customers aren’t subconsciously guided towards the most expensive perfumes. Instead, the outlet has decanted all of the fragrances it sells into nondescript tester bottles, organized by their olfactory quality. According to the company, there are 7 olfactive families and each of the testers falls into one, while containing its own unique character.

nose chooses

Assistants guide you through the options available, helping you to find the perfect scent while also teaching you about the different qualities that make up a perfume. Only when you get to the counter you get to find out which fragrance you are buying.

The store is less concerned with upselling the most profitable brands, but helping consumers truly discover the product that’s right for them.

Different approach – i like!